Microsoft Lumia 640 XL review: Windows Phone wholesale

Microsoft has a larger variant of the Lumia 640 released: the Lumia 640XL. The normal Lumia was 640 in our review rated as an ‘ Advanced ‘ instaplumia. How the bigger brother does it, we’re going to find out in this review.

Microsoft already has a time some attractive phones offered in the low-end market. With the introduction of the low-endtelefoons. In 2012 the Lumia 610, introduced by Nokia. Since then, the range of Windows Phones with good value for money has grown steadily. Now Microsoft has decided to give a discount to mnufacture phablet, based on a telephone from the cheaper line. The Lumia 640 XL is based on the Lumia 640 but stands out from his little brother with a bigger screen, bigger battery and better camera. The Lumia 640 XL only with 4 g sold, cheaper microsoft office 2016 free key models from abroad do not always contain 4 g.

The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL you don’t need specification sample to be expected. The processor in the phone is a dated 400 Snapdragon processor. microsoft lumia 640 xl review, To the processor support is there 1 GB working memory. The rear camera has a resolution of 13 megapixel and is equipped with a Zeiss lens, the camera has a 5-megapixel resolution. That are on paper two neat cameras for a budget device.

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The phone contains a large 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels. To power the screen is a Adreno 305 video chip. cheap office 2016 product key , The phone contains 8 GB built-in storage memory. This memory is expandable via a micro sd card up to 128 GB. The phone has support for 4 g, 3 g, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

As with many budget phones is the packaging of the Lumia 640 XL cheap but good. In the square telephone box is the phone, the charger, the battery and a manual. The phone charging cable is attached directly to the power supply of the charger. So there is no loose usb cable and also no loose power supply. Images you can with this cable so do not move the computer to your phone.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key

Windows 7 Professional Product Key

In the little box we also find no earbuds. Do not include the ears of Microsoft may have done to both the costs and the environment.

Although the Lumia 640 XL no beauty price gets, is the design of the phone very well. Fine, because that’s when budget devices sometimes. The phone casing is made of plastic but feels firm to the touch. Although the phone with a thickness of 9 mm not very thin, feels he did it by his long and wide design. On the plastic back of the phone features a cutout for the bulging camera. windows 10 professional key purchase , Above it a cutout for the led Flash, right from the camera is an opening for the speaker. Half way through the right side we have the off button above the volume buttons. The buttons feel good. Depending on your hand format you can feel that the off button just a bit low.

Microsoft Nokia Lumia 640 LTE RM-1072 8GB 5

Microsoft Nokia Lumia 640 LTE RM-1072 8GB 5″ Unlocked GSM Windows 8MP Camera Smartphone – Black – International Version No Warranty

At the bottom of the phone is the micro usb port. The small opening at the bottom of the glass plate of the telephone, is the opening of the microphone. For connecting audio devices is at the top of the phone a 3.5 mm port. The shell of the phone is fast los clicking from the rest of the phone. ms office 2016 lizenz kaufen, Under the shell is the replaceable battery, the port for a microsim card and a port for a micro sd card up to 128 GB. The shell on the phone is made of a hard plastic. The plastic doesn’t seem to scratching but quickly becomes very dirty from fingerprints. The shells are available in the colors Blue, Orange, white and black.

Office Professional Plus 2016 – Download

Office Professional Plus 2016 – Download


The Lumia 640 XL contains a 5.7-inch display with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. This gives the phone a pixel density of 259 pixels per inch. windows 10 professional key 2016, That does not result in a particularly sharp display, but is certainly acceptable for this price. The IPS display is very bright and is readable in sunlight. The display achieves a brightness of 492 cd/m². This means that the phone can be about as bright as the HTC One M9 of 699 €.

When you skew on the phone looks, however, soon the colors less accurate. This means that the display’s viewing angles are not very good. Although the edges of the phone screen not very thin, the thickness of this not very on by the size of the unit.


“Windows Phone shows very good to go with lesser specifications”

The performance of Lumia 640 XL are generally good. The phone contains an older processor, but Windows Phone shows very good to go with lesser specifications. At the smaller 640 we had loads of apps that we have on this phone itself locks, microsoft office professional 2016 product key, fortunately not. Both phones contain 400 the same Snapdragon processor and 1 GB memory. Run applications smoothly on the phone but sometimes take slightly more load time than desired.

Playing simple games and using normal applications can fine on this phone. People who want to run a lot of heavy applications on their phone should look at another platform, or the pouch pull open a little further for another appliance.

Abroad there is of the Lumia 640 XL a 3 g and a 4 g model. In the Netherlands we only have 4 g model. This 4 g model also has support for 3 g networks. This phone also has Bluetooth 4.0 and nfc. Call quality and network reception on this phone was in our review period just fine.

The battery in this Lumiatelefoon has a capacity of 3000mAh and is replaceable. The battery shows big enough for the phone and make good the day by heavy users. Light users would be able to use the phone two days on one battery charge. As the battery ages, windows product key sale , the battery less go perform. Since the battery is replaceable, you can then place a new one in it. The battery of this phone is so very good for the price segment in which the phone is.


At the time of writing, the phone Windows Phone 8.1 update 2. On your home screen you have so-called ‘ Live Tiles ‘, these are small tiles that you fast information. On a screen to the right of the tiles you’ll find all your applications. Which are in alphabetical order.

The Lumia 640 XL also has a feature called Glance. If you have used, the phone moves or just let the phone time and any notifications. The display of the phone is black, and leave in in a different color the time and see your notifications. If you have your phone on your desk, you can see the time without him this way. The Glance screen uses little of the battery load from this unit. We found Glance during our test period a nice addition.

Multitask with Windows Phone 8.1 turned out in our review of Lumia 640 a pain point. Microsoft has made no adjustments to multitask to improve for the larger 640 XL. All extra screen space is not used more efficiently and multitask remains a sore point.

If you want to open a previously used app and want to continue where you left off, then you should do so through the special multitask menu. When you ‘ just ‘ on the app icon, the app usually restarts.

Reactivate Windows 10 does not require key

In the awards in July 10 uproshhjona Windows operating system licensing procedure. Now if you reinstall the operating system on the same computer do not need to re-enter your license key. Activation key is made only once, when the “dime” is installed for the first time.

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After the initial licensing of user data on the status of the activation of the user are stored on Microsoft server. windows 10 activation key, If you later decide to reinstall its already licensed top-10 on the same device, the system simply receives go-ahead for activation from the Internet.

Crucial here are data on “gland” user read system with its devices. windows 10 lizenz kaufen, When a team member reactivates a Microsoft server retrieves data that the OS is installed on the same computer are automatically given permission to resume activation.

MS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit DVD OEM Key (DE)

MS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit DVD OEM Key (DE)

It does not become a hindrance even what 10 before reinstalling the Windows user did an upgrade of hardware. The system does not confuse, for example, replacing the HDD drive, graphics card or RAM-it still realizes that the computer is the same. The main thing is to keep on the device the same maternal fee because it is perceived as a key component. However, if you replace matplatu, windows 10 product key sale , with repeated activation will most likely already have problems and need to confirm their license any additional way, for example by phone.

Check your license status can be a special share of Microsoft. When checking this resource base is generated personal user certificate, which can then be used when installing the OS from scratch. True, judging from some users, windows 10 product key 2016 , this system works imperfectly: there is evidence of failure for Windows 10 activations.

If a user purchases a license “dozens” to bind it to any device, such as buying a license disk with offline shop then reinstall and activate the OS with this distro you can on any computer; change the motherboard here is not a hindrance.

Activating Office 2013 software package

MS Office Professional Suite 2013, without which it is almost impossible to effectively work with a personal computer. Programs such as Word or Excel, requires almost everyone, and no equivalent can not compare with them on behavior. However, Ms Office 2013 Professional Plus is a paid software, and it will not work if it does not activate. This article describes how to activate the Microsoft Office 2013 software package for network and phone using a purchased license code, as well as using the freeware-activators.

Advantages of Ms Office 2013

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Microsoft employees consistently working on their product to make it more functional and convenient. In version 2013 year users of Ms Office Professional Plus will receive the following:

Unlike previous versions of this product the new Office got more intuitive minimalistic interface, which will be equally useful for both personal computers and laptops and tablets, and even a Smartphone.
Through integration with a cloud service from Microsoft-OneDrive you can store office 2013 key 2016 your documents in one central location. At any time you can access them from any device over the Internet.
Work with PDF files-you can now view and edit PDF files using Ms Office, without using any additional software.
Insert into their documents online-video.

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A new, easy-to-read mode for Word.
Later in the walkthrough describes the various methods of activation of Ms Office.

How to activate Office

If you have purchased office 2013 key online a licensed version of Office 2013, you can easily activate it by entering a special activation key in the corresponding text box. The alternative is to activate by phone. In this case, you will need to dictate a key employee of the Corporation.


If you just downloaded the Ms Office Professional 2013 and Office 2016 want to use it for free, you need to use a special utility-Activator.

Later in this article in more detail about each of the methods.

License key

If you have purchased a licensed version, bundled to it goes a special key, which you can use office 2013 key sale to activate your Office. You can confirm this key via the Internet or by telephone. To do this, you will need to do the following:

Run Ms Office 2013.
From the main menu, click on the very first section, which is called a “file.”

In the right part of the screen that appears, you’ll find a box “product information”.
Under the inscription “activation is required, you should click the” hyperlink “change product key”.

A new window opens in which you need to enter the purchased key. Enter it and click “continue”.
Note that if you already office 2013 key generator have an activated version of Ms Office Professional, docked for your account, you can login to your account using the appropriate hyperlink.
Select the box next to “activate it via the Internet. (At the same step you select phone mode “).

Click “Next”.
Please wait while Office will contact a Microsoft server and pass the registration procedure.
Click “Close”.
You can also choose telephone activation method. In this case, you will be shown a number to call and dictate their key Microsoft employee.

Microsoft forcing users to install Windows 10 programming automatically update.

Since its launch on 29 July last, and even if it is well better received than its predecessor, Windows 10 wipes much criticism. In addition to the use of personal data for advertising purposes, it also denounced the heavy insistence of Microsoft to update the operating system to users of Windows 7 and 8.1. In February, said update became same recommended rather than optional (so it could be done automatically on some computers incorrectly set).

Earlier, in October, he had even discovered windows 10 activation key that the facility was forced, but Microsoft had stated that it was a simple mistake, quickly corrected. But if it were a blunder, it seems that it is reiterated by the company, which would trigger once again install unwanted Windows 10.

After site Tom’s Hardware, the pop-up window that appears regularly offers more to install the update, but simply buy windows 10 product key informs the user that it is already programmed. The author of this discovery says that on a PC running Windows 7, the update has been automatically scheduled for this Tuesday, May 17. And without that no authorisations are requested.

The screen says Windows 10 is a recommended update, and ensures that the settings of the PC provide that it be installed Office. But it is clearly something that the user had not asked nor parameter itself.

It remains possible to deprogram the installation with a few clicks, but just that the user does not see the message or not is not paying attention cheap windows 10 product key for ending up with the last version of Windows 10 installed on the night.

For those who don’t want Windows 10, it is advisable to check daily the computer Windows 10 pro Product Key settings and scheduled updates. Reminder, the latest version of the operating system is available free of charge until July 29, and will remain free for only people with disabilities. Once the update is completed, the licence remains associated with the computer’s hardware, but a change of PC will require to buy the licence for Windows 10 if it wants to preserve its environment.

How quickly reinstall Windows 8 on Windows 7

For many PC users to install Windows 7-it is a usual thing. But if you want to change the “G” with all its new-fangled applications on familiar you “seven”, it is sometimes weight difficulties. To begin with, why do people change operating systems. The fact of the matter is that new computers and laptops come with Windows 8, but many users are already accustomed to the seventh version. It is not surprising, because in fact the two versions do not like each other and get used to Windows 8 sometimes quite difficult. We’ll show you how in just one day alone reinstall modern eighth version OSes are more usual seventh.

When you reinstall the systems often arise many questions. Most of them relate to the replacement of the traditional BIOS to UEFI. As claimed by the developers themselves, they did this only to secure features weekly during which checks the OS boot code and blocks those modules that are not included in the download. One of the advantages of UEFI, which makes it better is that its installation is accelerating. This happens because the system refuses many old items buy windows 8 product key used in the BIOS. But somehow, the presence of UEFI to install Windows in many ways makes it difficult to start the installation process.

Starting the installation

Before you reinstall Windows, you need to save the operating system on a disk or USB stick. Previously, manufacturers are always put in a disk technology. This was not a pirate or a re-recording of a copy. This was the original disk with the vital software which is directly installed on the new computer. On disk was stored all necessary system files. But earlier and it was not possible to burn these files on the USB stick. Now, however, the presence of the disk can be optional, since you yourself write content OS to a flash drive. There are various utilities that can help you get the necessary files from the system and put them to the media. To install the best edition of Windows is “Maximum” or “Ultimate” because it is the most full-featured.

So, if you are backing up files, then you can start to master the UEFI. The first problem that you’ll surely encounter is to enter directly in the interface itself. If in order to download the BIOS, you had to press del or f12 on the keyboard during installation, then for UEFI FIRMWARE that is not enough. Here even we cannot say specifically what combination of keys suitable for a specific model of computer. For example, press Assist Sony laptop computer included a modified BIOS. But just do it when your computer is turned off. For other models, see the memo attached to each new computer.

In the window that opens, find the Secure Boot tab. And turn off its value to disabled. Then save the change and are looking for the Boot Mode. Change the value in this parameter with UEFI Boot on the Legacy or the CSM to Boot. If you can keep that reinstalling, then most likely further problems replacing the first Windows on the second.

The next problem is related to the fact that you have on your computer might not be UEFI Boot. Then you will not be able to use in your Windows computer’s basic input/output system (BIOS) settings. Here you just need to disable SECURE BOOT.

Bios Settings

If you during the reinstallation, you still use the system BIOS, which keeps your Windows version 8, you should first configure the platform. To enter the BIOS, press during power up the computer press F12, F2 or del. depends on Medley computer. In the window that opens, you need to find a Secure Boot tab. There are two options to choose from. You need is Disabled.

Replace values occurs if you press the Enter key.

There are some models of computers, where the Secure Boot tab is hidden. You can find it by clicking on the Boot.

Next, you need to change the configuration of the system. Looking for the Advanced tab and look for a configuration section. Again, clicking on Enter, you will be able to change the configuration value. With the help of such manipulations you can easily install Windows 7 on your computer.

System boot

Once you have finished all your manipulations with BIOS or UEFI, you can proceed with the immediate installation of Windoze. As soon as you see the long-awaited blue Windows boot window, it is better to wait for approximately 7 minutes. It is not necessary to think, that your program has hung. Many who reinstalls Windows on their own, and do not know how to do it, think windows 8 product key finder that at this point the system will hang for a long time. But really, you need to wait a bit.

Once you select a language, click on the button “next”. Then again wait until Installer “thinks”. In General, the installation process, and the more you reinstall Windoze quite lengthy. Most of the time it take to copy operating system files. BIOS Setup is usually not time consuming, if you initially know what button to press and when, as well as what features and options set.

Next you will be presented with two options for installing Windows. This update and reinstall. You need the second option. If you choose, you will need to specify which media will go installing and booting the OS files. You need to install Flash or disk. Since we already asked these options, the installer will prompt you to download the correct version of himself. So, if you have selected the source, then click “format”. Do not forget that it will completely destroy all files on your computer. Also do not forget to divide the drive into two-system and Basic. The system will store the files of Windows and on the principal your other files, documents, photos, etc.

Do not leave a larger partition for OS files. They require only 50 GB of free memory space. Once the download starts, your maximum Windows may require driver installation. If you have no driver, just go back windows 8 pro product key and disable in BIOS the SATA operation mode from AHCI to IDE. If you have prepared in advance, the driver, the computer itself sees it.

After that you can safely rest 20 minutes. This Windows installation process the longest. Once it is finished, you embark on a so-called clearing your computer. You assign the name of the owner and come up with a password and hint to it. In future, the system will require the installation of drivers for various devices on the computer, for example, the video card, but this is no big deal. If you do not have the necessary drivers, almost every one of them can be found on the Internet.

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How to add programs to start with Windows 10?

Having a fast boot Windows is essential for the vast majority of users and, on Windows 10, she is more refined than ever, however, over time, users often install more and more software on their machines that run along with the initialization of the Operating System, which can make it a little longer. As you probably already know, you can disable the software starts together with Windows Task Manager 10 OS, however, if you want to add a program that finds important or that needs to be run whenever your machine is turned on, this process is not as simple as it sounds, Yes, Microsoft seems to be trying to hinder excessive addition of applications buy windows 10 pro product key 64 bit to this feature. What we will do in this tutorial is to show a folder where they can be safe software shortcuts to be started with Windows. After you copy any windows 10 pro product key program shortcut into this folder, it automatically appears in the tab “Start” from the Task Manager, allowing you to disable the execution of even more practice. Let’s start? Click the search button in Windows, then type “Run” and click on the “run application”, which will appear as a result of the research. Another option that you have is just press Windows + R keys.

In the “open” field, type “%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup” (without quotation marks) and then click “OK”. A new file Explorer window will appear, however, let’s ignore it for now.

Choose a program from your computer that you want to open along with the Windows startup, right-click on it and then on “copy”. If you prefer, you can just select it and press Ctrl + C.

In the folder that you open with the application of Windows, we paste the shortcut for the application that we want to open along with the Windows startup, so right-click on the files and then click windows 10 activation key “Paste” or, if you prefer, just press the buttons Ctrl + V.

Now let’s check if the software is actually in the list of programs to boot with Windos, simply we click with the right button on the Windows taskbar and then click on “task manager”.

As you can see, the application is already in the list of software to boot with Windows 10. If you want him to no longer run with the operating system, just click on it and then on the button “Disable”.

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Ready! Now you know how to enable the execution of applications along with Windows startup 10. If you still have any questions regarding this tutorial or would like to see some other step by step made by us, leave your comment below, I’d be glad to help you! 😉

Office 2016 in the test: Microsoft follow Google’s example

Microsoft will end after years on the feedback from its customers and supplies long requested features. The future zone has tested Office 2016.

It was so easy. Every three to four years came a new version of Windows or buy Office 2016 product key on the market. Microsoft deserved to start properly on the licenses sold and could rely on the revenue from OEM and wholesale the years. But times are changing. The PC market is located on the ground and including Microsoft suffered from. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO, wants to change that now. He is following the example of Adobe and “rented” Microsoft’s software – at least test basis. The advantages are obvious: customers get the latest version and support continuously, lose these rights but also, if they do not pay more.

The concept is for the time being. The most important test balloon, Office 365, is growing steadily and is now 3.2 million customers. Now, these customers get a powerful update. More than two years after Office 2013 Office 2016 follows now. With the update, Microsoft wants to show that you can sell the software not only buy office 2016 product key via the cloud – she should extend the functionality. The future cheap Office 2016 product key zone has tested the latest version of the Office suite.

Office with memory

Practical: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook remember, at which point the user last worked. A Word document that was created on the desktop, for example, later opens on the Tablet, you find yourself in exactly the last digit. In addition to a short welcome Office summarizes all changes that were made by other users since you last opened.
Microsoft has also cribbed itself of a position at Apple. In the future, you can send large files also via OneDrive. As in Apple’s mail drop, you can simply send, without plugging in your own or a third-party mailbox large files over Outlook. Behind this is no more than a link to OneDrive via the file can be downloaded. The major drawback of the method: Once OneDrive deletes the file that the link is worthless. Last edited Office documents also now appear immediately in Outlook, if an attachment is selected.

Worthy successor to Clippy
Two new search features prove to be useful. In the command bar of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, an input field with the question “What would you do?” can be found now. A wizard that will displace the infamous “Clippy” from the memory of many Office users behind. The user can search now by functions rather than help articles. While the wizard does good work, also abstract keywords are usually recognized. So the wizard, for example, the search for “Background” correctly interpreted and shows the color of the page.

The second new search function is the so-called “intelligent search”. The user marks a word for it and click with the right mouse button on it. With intelligent search a window on the right appears then, in which a Bing search is started. Alternatively, the dictionary entry for a term can be shown. The search is still not very helpful, saves you at least open an additional browser window.
More statistics for Excel

Excel worked mainly on the charts. So, the spreadsheet is proposing chart types depending on the data set and explains the features easy to understand. That seems to be working but only for simple tables, at more than a dozen variables, the wizard provided only the standard diagrams to choose from. Speaking of selection. It has grown in comparison to the predecessor to six pieces. In addition to the histogram practical for statistical analysis now waterfall, Pareto – as well as “Box & Whisker” diagrams are included. microsoft office professional plus 2016 product key, Also, now infographic similar diagrams can be created with “Treemap” and “Sunburst”.

The forecast function returns an interesting for statisticians to Excel also. Excel can automatically create a prediction office 2016 activation key sheet along with chart and estimates on the basis of a set of data over a certain period of time. The function is rudimentary, for quick calculations but sufficient and practical.

Pleasant for eyes

Microsoft has also bought a small optical surface Office. The colorful layout and the interchangeable designs have entered already in its predecessor, is now also “dark grey” available but apart from “Colored” and “White”. This high-contrast design with grey design elements is considerably more comfortable than the gaudy neon colors of its predecessor for the eyes.

According to Microsoft, there should be no compatibility issues with old files or add-ins, file format, nothing was changed this time. The only caveat: New content, for example, the Treechart chart, can be only viewed office 2016 license key in older versions of Office, but not edited.

Office 2016 and Windows 10

The new generation of Office uses many features of Windows 10. So “Hello”, with which the user via face recognition is logged in, you can also use Office 365 account. As Cortana in this country not yet for Windows 10 is available, the integration into the Microsoft wizard could not be tried. She can according to Microsoft but create appointments in the Outlook calendar, send invitations, save notes in OneNote, and search documents.

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Microsoft MSDN Office 2016 Professional Plus Edition ISO image download

With the release of Office 2016 release, Microsoft has given in the MSDN Professional Plus Edition for Win7/Win8.1/Win10, as well as for Mac home and Business Edition ISO image to download, microsoft office professional 2016 key, including Chinese Simplified, but users who need to have a MSDN subscription to download.

Office Professional Plus 2016 Product Key

The site provides both Windows and Mac versions, Windows version is version includes 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Mac version for home and business in multiple languages, office professional plus 2016 product key, including Chinese Simplified, user needs to the Office website on its own activation.

Office Professional Plus 2016 Product Key

MSDN Office official 2016 Professional Plus Edition ISO image downloads:
Chinese version:
File name: cn_office_professional_plus_2016_x86_x64_dvd_6969182.ISO
Language: Chinese Simplified

The English version:
File name: en_office_professional_plus_2016_x86_x64_dvd_6962141.ISO
Language: English

Mac home and business in multiple languages official Download Edition ISO image:
File name: mu_office_home_and_business_2016_for_mac_mac_dvd_7027756.ISO
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Denmark, German, Spain, and Finland, French, Indonesia, and Italy, and Netherlands, and Norway, and Poland, and Portugal language (Brazil), Russia, and Sweden, and Turkey, and Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Portugal language (Portugal)

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