How to add programs to start with Windows 10?

Having a fast boot Windows is essential for the vast majority of users and, on Windows 10, she is more refined than ever, however, over time, users often install more and more software on their machines that run along with the initialization of the Operating System, which can make it a little longer. As you probably already know, you can disable the software starts together with Windows Task Manager 10 OS, however, if you want to add a program that finds important or that needs to be run whenever your machine is turned on, this process is not as simple as it sounds, Yes, Microsoft seems to be trying to hinder excessive addition of applications buy windows 10 pro product key 64 bit to this feature. What we will do in this tutorial is to show a folder where they can be safe software shortcuts to be started with Windows. After you copy any windows 10 pro product key program shortcut into this folder, it automatically appears in the tab “Start” from the Task Manager, allowing you to disable the execution of even more practice. Let’s start? Click the search button in Windows, then type “Run” and click on the “run application”, which will appear as a result of the research. Another option that you have is just press Windows + R keys.

In the “open” field, type “%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup” (without quotation marks) and then click “OK”. A new file Explorer window will appear, however, let’s ignore it for now.

Choose a program from your computer that you want to open along with the Windows startup, right-click on it and then on “copy”. If you prefer, you can just select it and press Ctrl + C.

In the folder that you open with the application of Windows, we paste the shortcut for the application that we want to open along with the Windows startup, so right-click on the files and then click windows 10 activation key “Paste” or, if you prefer, just press the buttons Ctrl + V.

Now let’s check if the software is actually in the list of programs to boot with Windos, simply we click with the right button on the Windows taskbar and then click on “task manager”.

As you can see, the application is already in the list of software to boot with Windows 10. If you want him to no longer run with the operating system, just click on it and then on the button “Disable”.

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Ready! Now you know how to enable the execution of applications along with Windows startup 10. If you still have any questions regarding this tutorial or would like to see some other step by step made by us, leave your comment below, I’d be glad to help you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Office 2016 in the test: Microsoft follow Google’s example

Microsoft will end after years on the feedback from its customers and supplies long requested features. The future zone has tested Office 2016.

It was so easy. Every three to four years came a new version of Windows or buy Office 2016 product key on the market. Microsoft deserved to start properly on the licenses sold and could rely on the revenue from OEM and wholesale the years. But times are changing. The PC market is located on the ground and including Microsoft suffered from. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO, wants to change that now. He is following the example of Adobe and “rented” Microsoft’s software – at least test basis. The advantages are obvious: customers get the latest version and support continuously, lose these rights but also, if they do not pay more.

The concept is for the time being. The most important test balloon, Office 365, is growing steadily and is now 3.2 million customers. Now, these customers get a powerful update. More than two years after Office 2013 Office 2016 follows now. With the update, Microsoft wants to show that you can sell the software not only buy office 2016 product key via the cloud – she should extend the functionality. The future cheap Office 2016 product key zone has tested the latest version of the Office suite.

Office with memory

Practical: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook remember, at which point the user last worked. A Word document that was created on the desktop, for example, later opens on the Tablet, you find yourself in exactly the last digit. In addition to a short welcome Office summarizes all changes that were made by other users since you last opened.
Microsoft has also cribbed itself of a position at Apple. In the future, you can send large files also via OneDrive. As in Apple’s mail drop, you can simply send, without plugging in your own or a third-party mailbox large files over Outlook. Behind this is no more than a link to OneDrive via the file can be downloaded. The major drawback of the method: Once OneDrive deletes the file that the link is worthless. Last edited Office documents also now appear immediately in Outlook, if an attachment is selected.

Worthy successor to Clippy
Two new search features prove to be useful. In the command bar of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, an input field with the question “What would you do?” can be found now. A wizard that will displace the infamous “Clippy” from the memory of many Office users behind. The user can search now by functions rather than help articles. While the wizard does good work, also abstract keywords are usually recognized. So the wizard, for example, the search for “Background” correctly interpreted and shows the color of the page.

The second new search function is the so-called “intelligent search”. The user marks a word for it and click with the right mouse button on it. With intelligent search a window on the right appears then, in which a Bing search is started. Alternatively, the dictionary entry for a term can be shown. The search is still not very helpful, saves you at least open an additional browser window.
More statistics for Excel

Excel worked mainly on the charts. So, the spreadsheet is proposing chart types depending on the data set and explains the features easy to understand. That seems to be working but only for simple tables, at more than a dozen variables, the wizard provided only the standard diagrams to choose from. Speaking of selection. It has grown in comparison to the predecessor to six pieces. In addition to the histogram practical for statistical analysis now waterfall, Pareto – as well as “Box & Whisker” diagrams are included. microsoft office professional plus 2016 product key, Also, now infographic similar diagrams can be created with “Treemap” and “Sunburst”.

The forecast function returns an interesting for statisticians to Excel also. Excel can automatically create a prediction office 2016 activation key sheet along with chart and estimates on the basis of a set of data over a certain period of time. The function is rudimentary, for quick calculations but sufficient and practical.

Pleasant for eyes

Microsoft has also bought a small optical surface Office. The colorful layout and the interchangeable designs have entered already in its predecessor, is now also “dark grey” available but apart from “Colored” and “White”. This high-contrast design with grey design elements is considerably more comfortable than the gaudy neon colors of its predecessor for the eyes.

According to Microsoft, there should be no compatibility issues with old files or add-ins, file format, nothing was changed this time. The only caveat: New content, for example, the Treechart chart, can be only viewed office 2016 license key in older versions of Office, but not edited.

Office 2016 and Windows 10

The new generation of Office uses many features of Windows 10. So “Hello”, with which the user via face recognition is logged in, you can also use Office 365 account. As Cortana in this country not yet for Windows 10 is available, the integration into the Microsoft wizard could not be tried. She can according to Microsoft but create appointments in the Outlook calendar, send invitations, save notes in OneNote, and search documents.

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Microsoft MSDN Office 2016 Professional Plus Edition ISO image download

With the release of Office 2016 release, Microsoft has given in the MSDN Professional Plus Edition for Win7/Win8.1/Win10, as well as for Mac home and Business Edition ISO image to download, microsoft office professional 2016 key, including Chinese Simplified, but users who need to have a MSDN subscription to download.

Office Professional Plus 2016 Product Key

The site provides both Windows and Mac versions, Windows version is version includes 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Mac version for home and business in multiple languages, office professional plus 2016 product key, including Chinese Simplified, user needs to the Office website on its own activation.

Office Professional Plus 2016 Product Key

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The English version:
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Mac home and business in multiple languages official Download Edition ISO image:
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Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Denmark, German, Spain, and Finland, French, Indonesia, and Italy, and Netherlands, and Norway, and Poland, and Portugal language (Brazil), Russia, and Sweden, and Turkey, and Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Portugal language (Portugal)

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